There are two kinds of churches in the world today -live churches and dead churches. There is a lot being written today about the differences in the two.

* Live churches have lots of noisy youth and children -dead churches are relatively quiet.

* Live churches are planning for the future -dead churches are reliving the past.

* Live churches focus on people -dead churches focus on programs.

* Live churches present an unchanging Christ in forms of ministry that are changing -dead churches do things the way they have always been done.

* Live churches are filled with tithers -dead churches are filled with tippers.

* Live churches are friendly and receptive to newcomers - dead churches wonder why they have no visitors.

* Live churches focus on what's right with the church -dead churches look for what's wrong with the church.

* Live churches design worship in which the worshipers are participants -dead churches have worshipers who are spectators.

* Live churches have worship that celebrates -dead churches have worship that is endured.

* Live churches support missions heavily -dead churches keep the money at home.

* Live churches dream God's dreams -dead churches relive nightmares.

* Live churches have music designed for the congregation - dead churches have music designed for the musician.

* Live churches focus on power -dead churches focus on problems.