Forgiveness is not a person, place or thing! It seems to me to be a verb because it does show action and is not stationary .From the text of Matthew 18:21-35, the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant. This story told by Jesus points out very clearly that in order to be forgiven we must be willing to forgive others ourselves.

"Those who are ever in need of forgiveness ought to make it their first duty to forgive. " This is an all encompassing concept that does not get lost in the details. It doesn't even matter what the offense was or even how many times it happened -we are to extend forgiveness when asked and without limit. " He who can not forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. " Peter thought that he was being very magnanimous in offering to forgive 7 times, which was over twice what the rabbi taught you should forgive. When Jesus told Peter 7 times 70, He didn't mean 490 times because this wasn't a mathematical formula but an unlimited number of times that we must be willing to forgive. We can also be assured that God is not a divine bookkeeper, extending one act of forgiveness for each act of forgiveness we extend. We do not act on forgiveness with our emotions but rather as an act of our will. It ain't easy, but it is necessary and we must continue to practice doing it for the sake of Christ and for our sake as well. Try it today and watch God work.