God has chosen us to complete His mission on planet earth! There is no other plan, no other workers! We are it! If we are not faithful in sharing the love and grace of God with those who do not know, who else will do it? That's the point, there are no substitutes on the bench to take our place if we foul out! The Church is not the NCAA!

In Mark 16:15, " Jesus said to His followers, 'Go everywhere in the world and tell the Good News to everyone. ", Consider with me the meaning of the verse. Was he talking to missionaries there? No. Was He talking to pastors there? No. He's talking to just normal followers. If you're a Christian, Jesus said, "Follow Me, and I'll make you a fisher of men. " If you're not fishing for men and women, boys and girls, you're not following but going an entirely different way. Jesus says to His followers, go everywhere, because everybody deserves to hear the Good News. Today, there are almost unlimited ways to accomplish this, but it must start in your heart (desire) and move to your feet (action) for you to be obedient. Pray about what you can do and how to begin, and get busy about the work of the Kingdom of God.